OMG! Salman Khan wants to break a chair on Ranveer Singh’s head-...

OMG! Salman Khan wants to break a chair on Ranveer Singh’s head- Read SHOCKING details!


The superstar minced no words to state his disgust about Ranveer’s recent jig that made headlines and helped Sultan get more mpg. Where the team is observing their film’s stupendous success Salman and his Sultan co star Anushka Sharma met the press in Panvel. The actor in in interview said and reprimanded Ranveer, ”

While the preceding statement was said by the celebrity . One cannot ignore the fact that Khan has a sarcastic sense of humour . We bet Singh will be on reading this comment made the Sultan hero upset,. It is not unusual sight in the picture halls for Salman Khan buffs while seeing his picture to break into song and dance. So it was kind of mean to call Ranveer’s this pleasant gesture a publicity gimmick.

This really is not initially that Ranveer has gone from his way market somebody subsequently or to rejoice a picture by another celebrity else’s picture. Remember the Bang Bang dare that Ranveer had sportingly done for Hrithik Roshan on the streets of Mumbai risking his own security. The actor ahs also on many occasions marketed hi good pal Arjun Kapoor’s movie, the most recent one. Nevertheless seems like Ranveer’s it wasn’t just Salman even and this daring that is selfless promotion hasn’t gone down too well with the Sultan cast his great friend Anushka Sharma expressed her exasperation over the Befikre performer’s this gesture.

We wonder after reading Anushka and Salman ’s reaction to his impromptu performance at the theater what does Ranveer Singh need to say? And we cannot wait to learn from you disagree or if agree with Salman and Anushka.