OMG! Senior Republicans condemn Trump’s lewd comments about women

OMG! Senior Republicans condemn Trump’s lewd comments about women


Obscene remarks Donald Trump made in a 2005 videotape about girls have been condemned by senior Republicans.

In the video, posted by the Washington Post, Mr Trump is heard telling TV host Billy Bush “you can do anything” to girls “when you are a star”.

The New York businessman bragged about attempting to have sex with a married woman along with kissing and groping others.

Mr Trump later issued an apology: “I said it. I was wrong, I apologise. I pledge to be a better man.”

In a filmed statement on his Facebook page, he added that the videotape was a “distraction” from more significant political problems.

Earlier on Friday, when the video first emerged, he’d dismissed it as “locker room banter” and added “Bill Clinton has said much worse to me”.

The former president was assaulted by him in his Facebook apology.

“I’ve said some ridiculous things, but there is a big difference between the words and actions of other people,” he said.

“Bill Clinton has truly mistreated women. And his victims have been bullied, assaulted, shamed and intimidated by Hillary. We’ll discuss this more in the coming days.”

After the video became public on Friday evening, senior Republicans were cruel in their condemnation of Mr Trump’s remarks.

House Speaker Paul Ryan rescinded his invitation to Mr Trump to attend the Republican Fall Fest in his home state of Wisconsin this weekend.

Mr Trump said that his vice presidential running mate Mike Pence would represent him at the Wisconsin occasion.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said the remarks were “repugnant,” adding that Mr Trump “must apologise directly to women and girls everywhere”.

Another senior Republican, John McCain, said there were “no alibis for Donald Trump’s offensive and demeaning comments”.

The video has emerged before Mr Trump takes part.

Both candidates will take St Louis for the televised encounter, with polling day just a month away.