OMG! Shah Rukh Khan opens up about teaming up with Salman Khan...

OMG! Shah Rukh Khan opens up about teaming up with Salman Khan for a film!


Celebrity Shah Rukh Khan has ruled out the likelihood of reuniting with Salman Khan to the silver screen as he believes both the performers possess a busy work schedule. “There is not any such strategy of working in a movie together. Our spaces are full, in case you just take a look at our calendars. My calendar is complete. I’m confident Salman is, in addition, not idle.

The performers, that are back to being friends following an interval of enmity worked together in the Rakesh Roshan-directed payback drama Karan Arjun.

Asked whether it will be overly expensive to cast them together in a movie considering they’re the highest paid performers of Bollywood, Shah Rukh quipped, “I ‘m affordable and sweet. I do not understand about Salman’s wages.”

50, the performer, is looking forward to the launch of Dilwale, that will see him reuniting after a difference of five years with buddy Kajol.

Kajol had lately said that her husband Ajay Devgn and SRK aren’t buddies despite she being the common connection between them but Shah Rukh and she differed. Ajay is a man that is quiet and so am I in actual life. We have been buddies. If I ‘ve any problem, I telephone Ajay and can pick up the telephone at 3am and tell him ‘Listen, I want Kajol to come and do this’ and she will be driven by him. We’re such sort of buddies. Because we’ve got space, it occurs. We have been married and have children and someplace we’ve concurrent life.” .