OMG SIZZLING HAWT Sonam Kapoor Is A Victim Of Racism?

OMG SIZZLING HAWT Sonam Kapoor Is A Victim Of Racism?


Sonam Kapoor, alongside her fashionista picture, has represented India on the international period numerous times.

The performer made this statement addressing a session to the very first day of Schedule Aaj Tak 2015. I’ve faced bigotry in numerous nations. Brown skin is seen by them plus you are judged by them.

“I don’t understand India-Pakistan politics at all, but if people of our country can work everywhere, I don’t think that there is anything wrong in people from anywhere else to work in our country”. Even we are judgemental, we see white skin and think the girl is loose. Judging is in human instinct. “The dialog on narrow-mindedness is awesome”.

In the interim,, regardless, I feel narrow mindedness has been there. We have found all kinds of riots in the previous 60 years.

He essentially said that he is afraid that his mind has been entered by this thought. Bollywood star Aamir Khan’s remark on “intolerance” has brought much criticism but performer Sonam Kapoor stated the celebrity has been quoted out of context.

“Aamir Khan has officially given illumination on his announcement… If somebody can critique something, that doesn’t make him an anti-national”

Useful feedback is always sound. The “Khoobsurat” star said people’s approach changes on the idea of physical looks. Now, do you believe he’ll speak about any problem like this?