OMG START DRINKING? Here’s how Katrina Kaif is coping after break-up with...

OMG START DRINKING? Here’s how Katrina Kaif is coping after break-up with Ranbir Kapoor!


Performers and actors generally go into hiding — at least for a short while following a breakup — to prevent prying questions. She’s decided she will not sit at home and shout over the ending of her seven-year relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. Two days after news of the break success RK and tabloids moving from their love nest, Kat attended not one but two occasions. The first, a bash thrown Shera by her ex Salman Khan’s bodyguard as well as the second, the Mumbai Marathon.


Katrina chose to attend the celebration the moment she learned that Salman is coming too. Ali Abbas who’s also close to the Fitoor performer was seen taking Salman Kat as well as the three of them were chewing the fat for long.


On Sunday morning, Kat was seen in the Mumbai Marathon, grin securely set up. Hip harm or a heart that is wounded, we can not be certain. But for going out there, full marks to Kat. She will not play with the victim. Though she may grieve in the solitude of her house, Kat is putting up a brave front before media and people. Ranbir is not seen or heard from since he moved back in together with his parents.

Well, using the release date of her movie Fitoor coming round the corner and with all the news of Katrina being part of Bigg Boss 9 ending we wonder what is in store for us!