OMG! Unable to meet Imran Khan made Qandeel Baloch sentimental

OMG! Unable to meet Imran Khan made Qandeel Baloch sentimental


Among the nation’s celebrated social media stars, Qandeel Baloch, was left heartbroken after she was not capable to meet Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan during PTI’s rally at Charing Cross in Lahore on Sunday.

Baloch was fairly furious at Khan as she said that she’d come (from Karachi) to meet Imran Khan out of the affection she’s for the PTI chief. Would I understand that a pass is necessary to meet him?” she inquired after her ordeal.

Qandeel made lots of preparations for her meeting with Imran Khan as she headed towards the latter’s home at Zaman Park where the guards barred her from meeting Khan. The PTI leader’s security here as well didn’t enable her to meet Imran although she subsequently reached the rally’s place.

The guards at Zaman Park said that since they did not have any directions from Khan involving his meeting with Baloch consequently they cannot enable her to enter the house whereas the guards at the rally confined her from meeting Imran as she did not possess the pass demanded to go up to the ‘captain’.

Her tough encounter in Lahore made her sentimental as Qandeel started to weep during the presence of the journalists. She’s booked her ticket.