OMG! We can tell you what Ranbir Kapoor was upto during Katrina...

OMG! We can tell you what Ranbir Kapoor was upto during Katrina Kaif’s birthday


By debuting on Facebook Katrina Kaif made her 33rd birthday an eventful one. That’s it! On her page which will be not credible, she’d 3 million likes within 12 hours. We doubt any celebrity could have made this kind of mark. It was as if folks were waiting to make the moment and a social media appearance she did, people went crazy about her. She lived up the hype with a Facebook chat with her fans which was bloody cool. Although she felt she’s sounding sleepy, we found her exceptionally goofy. She made some statements that were extremely trendy . A night before, she brought in her birthday with her B-town friends and partied all night. Turns out he was feeling filmi.

We now have the details where Katrina’s ex was while she was not idle in the birthday revelry. The celebrity in London do a recce for his film with Ayan Mukerji. Now, you folks understand that it’s a superhero movie with Alia Bhatt Ranbir that is opposite. There were rumours that the movie has been shelved but with this news stories that are such can rest in peace. The movie is happening. So while Katrina was starting fresh with a social media profile by coming a lot closer to her devotees, he was active looking for places to base his best friend’s picture. Now that ’s a smart way of dodging a day which till last year was an important one in his life. They were then.

If reports must be believed, this Ayan Mukerji movie will be first in a franchise. Well, it’s fine to see the way the ex-husbands are busy doing what they wish to do and have moved on. But we wonder did he at least wish Katrina on her birthday.