ONCE AGAIN! Kangana Ranaut Just Took A Massive Dig At Hrithik Roshan

ONCE AGAIN! Kangana Ranaut Just Took A Massive Dig At Hrithik Roshan


The Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan controversy needs to be among the biggest Bollywood scandals of recent times. And while it looked like the whole matter had blown over, that’s certainly not the case. Rakesh Roshan recently went on record to say that his son “chose to remain dignified when someone was spreading lies about him” if he came out with the truth and that everyone would shock,. So when Kangana appeared at an event recently (to launch Chetan Bhagat‘s new novel), she was asked concerning this opinion. And while sister Rangoli and her manager tried to get the question prevented, a visibly-annoyed Kangana chose to reply.

She said: “Why can’t men stand up for themselves? [Hrithik] is a 43-year-old man. Why does his father have to come to his rescue always? They will keep hiding behind their influential, big-name fathers. He’s an adult, he can pretty much handle his own controversies. It’s just a simple controversy, why do daddies always have to save their sons? I don’t understand this.”

His statement was a reply to a question during an interview, not something he came out publicly to say himself.

Meanwhile, Hrithik has often hinted that he’s sitting on some major revelations, and – should he choose to make them public – they’d shock everyone. Thus far, nevertheless, he has not disclosed anything freely. Is this?