Operation against IS, Turkey sends more tanks into Syria

Operation against IS, Turkey sends more tanks into Syria


Turkey has sent more tanks into northern Syria, in an operation against so-called Islamic State (IS), Turkish media reports say.

The tanks crossed the boundary near the Turkish town of Kilis and journalists after heard fire and saw plumes of smoke rising on Syrian territory.

Civilians were seen as the Turkish military advanced fleeing.

The tanks were backed by artillery, which fired in the area, Turkish media said.

The reports said five armoured personnel carriers, about 20 tanks and other armoured vehicles were involved in the attack.

The incursion occurred about 55km (34 miles) southwest of Jarablus, where Turkey last week launched its first major incursion into Syria since the conflict began.

The latest incursion comes three days after Turkey strike out in the Syrian conflict over criticism of its function at the United States.

Turkish forces have targeted IS inside Syria, but have also attacked Kurdish fighters in the same area.

The pursuit of Kurdish forces, whom Turkey considers terrorists, has generated criticism by Washington.

Ankara says the Kurdish militia combatants in Syria have links with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is prohibited in Turkey and fighting Turkish forces in the south-east of the country.