Opppssss!! Swami Omji Maharaj’s video of abusing a woman on national television...

Opppssss!! Swami Omji Maharaj’s video of abusing a woman on national television is going viral right now


Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10 commoners are turning out to be more interesting than the stars. Last night on the premier episode of Bigg Boss 10, we saw Swami Omji Maharaj’s flirtatious side as he interacted with his co-contestant Lopamudra Raut and the star guest on the show Deepika Padukone. The man in question even managed to make the Dabangg Salman Khan uneasy with his antics. Swamiji maintained he could make the renowned Khan the largest star on the planet. Not just that, he also insisted that Salman gets hitched into a woman of his choice for an even better future. Khan couldn’t stop laughing and was surprised. Salman was practically in tears when he saw Swamiji’s interaction inside the home. On the other hand, the latest viral video of Omji Maharaj is best called SHOCKING!

Swamiji was on a news show where he’s seen trashing a woman. Yes, Swamiji who asserts he’s a messiah of peace is actually indulging in violent action on live television. In the video, we can see how the Baba went on to defame a woman nationwide, totally moving away from the topic he was supposed to discuss. But just when you believed that the fight was only verbal, then you’re clearly erroneous for we see the girl and Swami smack each other on national television. Rather appalling, right?

On this first day itself, Swamiji has courted controversy. Ex- where he alleged to have kicked on a girl to teach a lesson for exposing contestant Priya Malik has condemned Omji Maharaj’s dialogue with Deepika. Definitely, Swamiji has started this season of Bigg Boss on the wrong note. Looks at this video, Swamiji reminds us of the previous violent contestants like Dolly Bindra, Armaan Kohli, who grabbed headlines due to their fights.

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