Oppsss!! Kendall Jenner Is Still Single: Selena Gomez Was Wrong About Relationship...

Oppsss!! Kendall Jenner Is Still Single: Selena Gomez Was Wrong About Relationship Status


Kendall Jenner is single and willing to mingle, according to pals close to the reality star. Despite Selena Gomez model bestie was taken, it turns out she is free as a bird — but is it being bought by you? Kendall Jenner isn’t locked down using a guy! News.

“She isn’t dating Harry anymore, however they’re still buddies and whenever they have been in the exact same city they probably would [hang out]. Nothing terrible happened between them, only busy programs.” The host of Capital FM inquired Selena: “Speaking of your buddies you have got quite an impressive list. Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne, like every other single star, and Kendall. What I would like to know is are you currently holding auditions? I could fit into some fine getups.”That Is when Selena said she is the just single one! “Perhaps not for the squad automatically but boyfriend content is consistently great,” she said. “None are single only so that you understand.

Taylor isn’t single, Gigi isn’t single, neither is Kendall. We believe Kendall is too astounding to be single but she’s super active. We simply are shocked that the report is asserting after Selena said she is dating someone, she is single. Maybe Kendall simply does not need the world to understand because she is such a private man, who she is seeing?