OPss AWKWARD MOMENT! Did Kim Kardashian’s Husbands Have An Awkward Run-In?

OPss AWKWARD MOMENT! Did Kim Kardashian’s Husbands Have An Awkward Run-In?


So awkward! Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, and ex-husband, Kris Humphries, were both in Soho on Monday, Feb. 8, and while New York City is full of millions of folks, they ended up in the very same area.

So did they run into each other? Find out here! Kanye West, 38, and Kris Humphries, 31, demonstrated that it actually is a small world after all when they thoroughly — and unknowingly — ended up in the exact same NYC neighborhood on Feb. 8.

Discover all of the details about this super difficult situation right here. Even though both Kanye and Kris were seen in Soho just minutes — and blocks — apart, they happily managed to miss each other in what may be considered as a sweet twist of fate.

Kanye was in Manhattan to attend Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s clothing launching while the basketball star is anticipated to join his team, the Washington Wizards, as they play the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Feb.

9 for the first time since a knee injury. While we are not exactly certain what would have gone down between the rapper and also the basketball star, we can only just envision their confrontation would not have been a pleasant one.

After all, Kanye notoriously dissed Kris in his 2012 song, “Cold” by rapping, “I Will confess, I had fell in love with Kim. Around the exact same time she’d fell in love with him. Infant girl, well that is cool, do ya thang. Blessed I ain’t had Jay shed him from the team.”

Exactly what a burn! There is no love as you’d expect. The two have never been buddies and Kanye apparently didn’t even attend his then – puppy love Kim’s wedding despite being good buddies with the reality star.

Kris and Kim didn’t last long however, as their short lived marriage infamously merely lasted 72 days. We assume there is still some bad blood between the two guys because of the fact that Kim and Kanye wasted no time after Kim and Kris declared their separation in hooking up.

Actually, Kim was still officially married to the athlete while she was pregnant with the daughter of Kanye and her, North.

Their divorce was finally granted in June 2013, just 12 days before her daughter was born. Kim went to make Kanye her third husband during a lavish ceremony in Italy with their second child, Saint, being born in December 2016.

So considering their history, it’s probably for the better that Kanye and Kris never bumped into one another. Who knows, perhaps Kanye would have gotten caught up in another Twitter feud over it!