OPSS! Beyonce sues over ‘Feyonce’ label

OPSS! Beyonce sues over ‘Feyonce’ label


Vocalist Beyonce is suing a US firm to prevent it from selling products branded “Feyonce”. Texas business Feyonce Inc sells other things including mugs using the label, as well as clothes, on its web site.

The pop star maintains the label is also near to supporters and damages and mistakes customers and her own trademarked name her reputation.

The vocalist also asserts in court documents filed in Manhattan the organization has ignored her requests to cease.

Beyonce’s charge accuses the San Antonio firm, and three people, of “brazenly” selling the Feyonce-tagged products.

The vocalist says the company’s actions will cause “irreparable damage” to her company reputation as well as the goodwill connected with her brand because she does not have any control on the products being sold.

The legal documents emphasize a particular mug with all the writing: “Feyonce: He put a ring on it.” The vocalist says the wording was created to remind the people of her hit song Single Ladies.

In addition to needing to put a stop to the organization ‘s actions the vocalist is seeking unspecified damages, which contain all gains the company has made from the label being used by the.

Beyonce sells a variety of goods, including mugs, cologne and clothes and owns the copyrights to her songs and her likeness.

The craft market web site Etsy formerly endangered for featuring Feyonce was additionally marked by coffee mugs. And along with other music stars, including Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, the firm Eleven was also sued by her for using their images on their clothes.