Opss Moment for Alia Bhatt: Shah Rukh Khan Won’t Play Alia Bhatt’s...

Opss Moment for Alia Bhatt: Shah Rukh Khan Won’t Play Alia Bhatt’s Leading Man LOL


Non-Traditional pairings have become the custom in Hindi movies.

New directors are exploring in films unorthodox relationships. The AeDil Hai Muskhil of Karan Johar will feature a love triangle that is very unusual among Anushka Sharma, Ranbir Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

In the untitled movie of Gauri Shinde Alia Bhatt and another uncommon pair Shah Rukh Khan play a different karma out.

While much isn’t understood about the way the pair that is uncommon works in Gauri’s picture a source discloses which they don’t play out the conventional man-woman equation.

“It’s a story of a spunky spirited girl and how her life changes when this older man comes into her life,” says a source.

Shah Rukh and interestingly Alia play with their particular age in the picture of Gauri Shinde.

“They do not pretend to be in a normal alliance by acting younger/older. Alia is 22 and Shah Rukh is 50 in Gauri’s film.”

A hint of our film reaching belated maturation following a drawn-out puberty.


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