OPSSS!! Alia Bhatt: It’s not possible to walk free without any criticism...

OPSSS!! Alia Bhatt: It’s not possible to walk free without any criticism – watch EXCLUSIVE interview!


Great things come in small packages and Alia Bhatt is certainly among the best performers we’ve in the business right now. Within 4 years, she’s managed to establish herself as one of the top actresses and that unquestionably credits her insane amount of gift with itself. Ahead of her next movie I got in touch with this star to know more about her secret to success. How does it feel being at the top of the game despite being the youngest? And she discloses everything.

You have been daringly different with your film choices. And your character from Udta Punjab has already made a deep impact.  So what was the initial reaction like?

I think as expected the initial reaction was a little bit of a shock, surprise, intrigue because of my transformation physically. But I think the major reaction is yet to come because I feel that you really can’t judge a person’s performance on the basis of the trailer. I think when you see the whole film is when you can get a full sense.

But having said that, you also received a lot of flak for stereotyping Biharis through your character in the film. There were open letters written all over. Was it disheartening?

Not really, because there was also a lot of love and appreciation. And there will be some criticism. It’s not possible to walk free completely, without any criticism. But my only concern with regards to that was that just based on the trailer, you can’t really make a judgement about how the film will be. So I just found a logical error in that. You can’t say that you are stereotyping Biharis in a film without even watching the film.

So what’s your secret mantra to deal with criticisms? 

Nothing. If I read it, I read it. If I find it relevant I take it or else I don’t.

How would you describe your character in 5 words?

Firstly, my character’s name is not Pinky. That’s a rumour created by I dunno who. I think I should have corrected it earlier but there is no revelation of the name right now. But if I have to describe her in 5 words, she is definitely very inspirational, she is a fighter, very sensitive, a victim of an unfortunate situation.

The first leg of Udta Punjab promotions became all about your co-stars Shahid-Kareena because obviously, they have reunited after a really long time – did you feel any heat standing there between the two?

I think both of them have reached very happy places in their lives so there’s no animosity or awkwardness there. And we’re all working in a professional medium an entertainment field where things are out in the public eye, so people will talk about it. But that doesn’t mean that it affects our lives in anyway. And I was standing right there, and I think all of us were there to support the trailer,  support the film and cause of Udta Punjab.

What about the Censor cuts?

I will be disappointed if any cut is messing with the content of the film.

You’re one of the most sought after actresses in the industry right now with a lot of film offers coming your way. Alia in Aashiqui 3, Alia in Badrinath Ki Dulhania, you are quickly taking over everything. How does it feel?

I will not speak about Aashiqui 3 because it’s still in the scripting stage. So I have not given any confirmation on that. But I think everybody has that phase when they have a lot of films at some point and then they kinda space it out. Maybe because I have just started off I am taking up every film that I am getting. As in not because I want to but I am finding interesting roles. So I am obviously going to be fully charged right now, working as much as I can. Maybe in a couple of years when I can make fewer decisions, I will. But right now I feel like I need to go all out.

So how does stardom treat you considering you have almost made it to the league of top actresses today?

Maybe I am just being a little realistic but I don’t think I am at the top right now. There’s a long way to go. There’s definitely been a progress but I feel like the progress is ongoing, it doesn’t stop at any point. So I feel like I have to keep going and plus I am very young right now. So I feel I have a lot of time ahead to make a stronger mark.

Is it true that you have been approached by Zoya Akhtar for her next with Ranveer Singh and also by Farah Khan for her film? If yes which one would you pick…

I don’t talk about things that are just floating around as an information. I would rather speak about what is concrete and confirmed.

Has your film with Gauri Shinde co-starring Shah Rukh Khan been christened?

Yes!(smiles). But that you will find out. I don’t want to spoil it. I want to save up the mystery. Gauri and everybody will be really upset if I give away the title. Even if I give you a clue you won’t be able to guess. It’s a difficult title to guess.

Shahid is going to be a daddy soon and fans on social media are already busy suggesting names for his baby – do you have any suggestions?

Omg! I don’t think anybody should suggest ya. I’ll have think. Maybe I’ll have to chat with Mira coz she’s the mommy. So I’ll have to ask her what she’s thinking about.

Rumours of Alia Bhatt dating Sidharth Malhotra – true or false?

Rumours are rumours. How can they be true or false. (smiles) Sid is a very, very good friend of mine. He will always be.