Opsss! Generation Gap: Floyd Mayweather Jr, 39, Dating Raemarni Ball, 19?

Opsss! Generation Gap: Floyd Mayweather Jr, 39, Dating Raemarni Ball, 19?


Floyd Mayweather left on the boxing world behind but he is definitely enjoying retirement. The guy they call ‘Cash’ continues to be spending time using a 19-year old named Raemarni Ball taking her on a holiday that is sweet. Is this a beginning of a relationship that is new?

39, Floyd Mayweather, has more automobiles than the usual guy could desire, an undefeated boxing record, a pet tiger -and, perhaps, a fresh girlfriend?

Her Instagram is filled with shots of her smiling, modeling next to Money and cozying up against the undefeated boxing superstar.

They even took a popular Miami holiday together, using the British teen (who’s likewise an amateur vocalist) laughing it up on one of Florida’s prettiest beaches. What might have brought Floyd, who’s 20 years old to this girl that was British?

Likely because she is also a baller like him! Despite most of the shots of these two jointly, Raemarni apparently has a boyfriend back home! The very best thing to go IN YOUR next holiday is advertising and infinite -free flowing music, which it is possible to get here.

While it looks like Floyd and Rmarni are more than “just friends,” her mother says it’s cool that this teenager is hanging out with a man twice her age. “I have spoken to her since she landed,”

She likely made sure her teenaged sister did not forget about her life back in the U.K.. Considering all of the pleasure she appears to be having with Floyd, we can not blame her if her old life occurs to ease her head.