Opsss HILLARIOUS NEWS OF THE DAY! John Stamos reveals he got an...

Opsss HILLARIOUS NEWS OF THE DAY! John Stamos reveals he got an ex pregnant


John Stamos has revealed that he got a woman pregnant when he was in his twenties and she had an abortion.

The ‘Grandfathered’ celebrity – who does not have any kids – revealed that the unnamed ex-husband and he determined after they found she was expecting his baby nearly 30 years past that she should have an abortion.

52, John, said: ‘This was just bad timing. It really wasn’t my choice…I think it was sort of a mutual decision.’

He explained: ‘I ‘d a terrible DUI, which I’m embarrassed by. Somebody might have hurt, it was ignorant and actually dumb . And I despised myself. It turned out to be a bad, awful thing. Therefore I said to myself, I’ve to quit down and this up, down and up, I ‘ve to.’

I will do anything I can’ – and then it did not work if it by chance will not work after the time but I am going to use myself a 100 per cent.

‘I was on antidepressants, some drugs and that darn Ambien, I am so happy to be off that. Totally away.

Nothing is taken by me. My recollection was beginning to get really fed up also, from that. Hard to memorise scripts, I could not recall names and places and things. And that was the most difficult thing to kick, incidentally. Alcohol, and whatever, the Ambien was rough, although that occurred.’