OPsss! When Fawad Khan EXPOSES Alia Bhatt’s lie – watch video!

OPsss! When Fawad Khan EXPOSES Alia Bhatt’s lie – watch video!


Alia Bhatt was out for the preview launching of Kapoor & Sons together with his co stars Sidharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan.

Not to mention her mentor Karan Johar took the stage, not only as a producer but also moderator of the event.

Fawad managed to steal the show while everyone was expecting to begin to see the real-life fans Alia and Sidharth’s chemistry on stage.

We realize that this Khan is a STUNNER and he demonstrated that he can make any woman go weak in her knees, even Alia.

What’s best is that Khan, who’s man of few words called off Alia’s bluff while the actress was talking about them getting along well.

So, Alia was talking about how she was looking forward to work with Fawad Khan.

The petite actress also revealed that just like Karan Johar’s mum, even her mom is a huge supporter of Fawad Khan.

She also went to include that she and Fawad got along really well on the sets of Sons & Kapoor.

Fawad shown that he does not just have a good looks and acting chops and finished Alia’s reply, but has a sharp sense of humour.

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