Opssss, Australian senator compared to an ‘angry prostitute’

Opssss, Australian senator compared to an ‘angry prostitute’


An outspoken Australian senator has compared her conservative counterpart to an “angry prostitute” before apologising to sex workers.

Independent Jacqui Lambie has a history of clashing with authorities senator Cory Bernadi.

Senator Bernardi was critical this week, of Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, who had a travel invoice paid by a Chinese donor.

Senator Lambie compared Mr Bernardi’s outrage to a “prostitute lecturing us about the benefits of celibacy”.

“Before I receive unfair criticism from the sex workers, I apologise to them profusely for comparing them to Senator Bernardi – I know that is a really terrible low-down thing to do,” she told parliament.

“Prostitutes are far more honest, sincere, humane, compassionate and better bang-for-buck than Senator Bernardi will ever be able to deliver.”

Attorney General George Brandis has called on Senator Dastyari to describe a sequence of payments by┬áChinese interests, indicating he may have been “compromised”.

Senator Dastyari insists the payment was properly declared and has donated the amount to charity.

This really is not the first time Ms Lambie has attracted interest for her colourful opinions.

She once described on talkback radio her perfect man as well off and “well hung”.