P akia ang’oa Steal A Baby From a Hospital

P akia ang’oa Steal A Baby From a Hospital


Some secrets you don’t have to tell the public jamani! Caroline Mutoko has been stripped of her dignity following what she published on an area daily.

It is possible to call it the battle former radio queen is taken on by Facebook bigwig, is not it interesting??

What exactly is the genesis of Robert Alai/Caroline Mutoko brawl? The latter wrote an article on a nearby day-to-day dissing the former PM.

Alai noticing Caroline had gone personal on her post, he also chose to hit the former radio queen below the belt.

The contentious blogger fired heavy shots on Caroline’s inability to sire her own kids. Alai says her baby that is adopted was stolen by her from an unnamed hospital.

And when that’s inadequate, the blogger went to state that personal attacks on certain amounts and Caroline’s insults was what earned her a job on the board of Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.

“These insults and personal assaults devoid of facts, figures and evidence are what earned CAROLINE Mutoko a board appointment. It is when they’re running low of facts to present an intellectual argument, when someone goes ad hominem.

But let us be honest, CAROLINE Mutoko has never been regarded as realistic and factual. She booms on shallow penetration and below the belt operation. That’s why despite regular penetration by P akia ang’oa, she had to steal a baby from a hospital and couldn’t give birth.

You can visit eateries near Harvard and participate in all manner of pornography viewing but people will always know when you still present points to be delivered by such arguments, that you did not get into Harvard.

What has Caroline Mutoko created? You survived at and only at Radio Africa because PQ could only settle for the pathetic you. I see no hope a better Kenyan media when folks can’t trust their brains. Caroline Mutoko, I’m happily a Raila sycophant. Expire bitch!! Perish!!” Alai ranted.