Pak-Indo COLD WAR! Desperate Modi now plots to run Pakistan dry

Pak-Indo COLD WAR! Desperate Modi now plots to run Pakistan dry


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reaction post-Uri assault continues to be full of flip-flops. He rattled his sabres — just to back off afterwards. Then, he talked about mounting an international effort to ‘isolate Pakistan diplomatically’. And now he is threatening to undo the only achievement that’s defied spans of tensions and conflict between the two arch foes.

Modi conferred with his senior aides on Monday to reconfigure the Indus Waters Treaty of 1960 — a World Bank-brokered agreement that regulates the distribution of water of six rivers between Pakistan and India. “Blood and water cannot flow ” he was quoted by Times of India newspaper as telling his aides.

At the huddle it was decided that India would ‘ use to the maximum’ the water of the Jhelum, the Chenab and the Indus by fast-tracking its building of new hydropower plants along the three rivers that were Pakistani.

Modi’s risk to run rivers that are Pakistani dry demonstrates his absolute despair and naivety. International law experts say it is impossible for either country to just walk from the Indus Waters Treaty. ” BBC Urdu cited as saying Ahmer Bilal Soofi if India does so, it’ll violate international law.