Pakistani Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi is acting as “Phupo” these days

Pakistani Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi is acting as “Phupo” these days


Among us, there is one little pseudo-intellectual teenage lad stuck in the body of an adult who is been running amok on social websites. He has opinions about everyone, from the prime minister to our kaam wali massi; Yes we’re referring to Mr. Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Hamza Ali Abbasi came to be known as the voice when the PTI fever took over. We’ll lay it out like it was, in a teenage girls’ voice: OMG he is so cute; OMG he’s an actor; OMG he supports PTI; I NEED TO HAVE HIS BABIES *hearts* *hearts*

Then, the actor became the voice of reason and also the whole enamored citizenry hailed their new hip leader. It did not stop there though, even when the PTI craze lost its fervor to a little (read: big) extent. The little ( realized his power to share his opinions to masses and this got to his head quickly. At present, he considers everyone needs to bow down to his highness.

Taking all his preceding rants, the latest ones take the cake. We’ren’t calling everything he says useless and insignificant; just most of the latest ones. His participation in spreading political awareness was welcome in the start, but hammering and continuous badgering on precisely the same issue is now redundant. The main problem together with his liberal use is that whenever he opens his mouth (or notebook), he spews out words that paint a picture.

Furthermore, his opinions on controversial subjects such as homosexuality and other progressive issues are mundane and archaic. He should realize that people who’re not Hamza Ali Abbasi have the privilege to express their views also. The purpose of criticism from his ending? None.

This world is going in a direction where issues that make no uneasy will soon be debated upon and accepted/rejected by individuals he calls his minions. He should not gawk and issue his fatwa-like-statuses at these things.

Since we’re to the subject of hypocrisy and judgment, you work in a field you oppose and then you’re discovered indulging in those very things? You blow off that with a comment like’ it was demanded by The director/producer,’; ‘It was a party favor,’ or ‘I’m against it but I must do it’. Another actor showing the same sort of behavior would n’t have been let off easily, if it was him.

He also uses the oldest trick in the novel, used by every Phupho we understand, criticizing without making his point clear, expressly identifying anyone and incredibly cleverly maintaining that it wasn’t for anyone in particular. That Mr. Abbasi, is hypocrisy. It is your words that aren’t just demeaning, but also have double standards.

In case you have mastered the skill of using social networking to share your messages efficiently, it should be utilized by you for the good instead of projecting your own personal opinions on unsuspecting, uninformed masses composed of sensitive and impressionable youth. From one rant er to another, I hope you find this rant more useful than I found yours.