Pakistani Actors suppoted by Bollywood Celebrities

Pakistani Actors suppoted by Bollywood Celebrities


Many B-town stars come out to support of Pakistani artists who continuously facing risks by the extremist party Shiv Sena in India and are being targeted.

Lately, Shiv Sena had said that it will not permit performer, cricketer or any Pakistani celebrity to step on Maharashtra’s ground. Seeking a ban, they also targeted two most popular Pakistani actors Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan. In addition, they are attempting to get prohibition for the promotion of the forthcoming films ‘Raees’ and’ Kapoor and Sons’. Nevertheless, various Bollywood stars have taken a stand against the dangers by Shiv Sena.

According to local media report, director Kabir Khan said, “I believe that arts and culture should be kept away from politics. Politics is at culture exchange and its place is at its place and. There are many actors, singers and performers from Pakistan in our business. They have been an important component plus they must be allowed to continue being a section of it”.

Actor Emraan Hashmi said, ” There should not be any bounds on creativity. We see numerous international stars performing and there shouldn’t be any bounds to that. Creativity shouldn’t be stifled, everyone should be there to express”.

It’s not what India stands for and that is not what art and films stand for. Thus, along with each of the authors who’re giving back their awards, so that is what we need to do”.

Actress Nimrat Kaur of ‘Homeland’ acclaim believes that in a free world, the pleasure of being an artist is you can perform anywhere and reach out to folks everywhere.” I come from a set that is democratic and I do not back any form of inhibition having the capability to perform everywhere. So it’s quite depressed to hear this in any element of the world.

Indian filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt, who’s also the President of Film & Television Producers Guild of India, said that artwork must be kept away from politics. “I feel artwork and culture ought to be kept independent from politics. All around the globe, it is culture and art which bridges the difference. It is a strong force to make peace and harmony and it benefits the society irrespective of the borders,” he said.

‘Mary Kom’ manager Omung Kumar said, “It’s not right and I think it’ll die down, but this shouldn’t occur. Films could be affected and can get changed but hopefully individuals are working it out and I think that it wouldn’t be for a long time”.

Director Mohit Suri said, “I don’t believe in bans. Art should move freely across”.