Pakistani actress Sohai Ali Abro: “no one can stop anyone from doing...

Pakistani actress Sohai Ali Abro: “no one can stop anyone from doing an item song.”


Based on the local media report, Sohai Ali Abro stated that if people did not like item songs, they were free not to watch them. She further said that no one could stop others from doing the item songs.

In response to a question about Hamza Ali Abbasi’s objections to item songs, Sohai said that he was a modest person hence he would never stop someone else from doing any sort of work.

“If item songs were not liked by folks, they were free to not see them’. She further said that’ no one has right to interfere in my matters.”


She also said that if she did not like any performance or work in particular, she would opt not to watch it or replicate it altogether. However I would not stop any person from doing it, she said.

Sohai has performed in a (broadly marketed) tune ‘Fair and Wonderful ka Jalwa’ from the film ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani’. She’s been extremely praised by supporters for her dancing abilities.


Directed and co-produced by Humayon Saeed, the film is performing fairly nicely in Pakistani films. The movie has up to now amassed Rs 13 crore within fourteen days of its own launch.


Sohai mentioned reasons for item songs earning public’s ire. She said that the reason Pakistan’s disliked item songs so much was a result of how the film industry was in a growing stage, where individuals dislike any small stuff. A sector attains the topmost amount because of a mix of good in addition to work that was bad, she described.

Sohai Ali Abro has appeared in a couple of Pakistani movies like Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and Wrong Number. A leg has shaken to numerous tunes and her dancing skills are commended by critics and fans alike.

Hamza Ali Abbasi has been quite vocal against item songs and picked not to promote his recently released film Jawani Phir Nahi Ani.

Sohai Ali Abro has stated her opinions rather clearly for all to see. Do you support her position on item songs?