Paris Attacks: A huge manhunt is under way for surviving members and...

Paris Attacks: A huge manhunt is under way for surviving members and accomplices


There is a massive manhunt under way for accomplices and living members of the Islamist group that killed 129 people in Paris on Friday.

Police have named Salah Abdeslam, 26, as a key suspect. He was apparently stopped by officers in the wake of the attacks – but then let go.

Meanwhile, French aircraft have attacked the Syrian stronghold.

Latest reports say a raid has been carried out by authorities inquiring the assaults in a Paris suburb, Bobigny.

French media organisations say significant police operations also have taken place Jeumont, close to the

French border with Belgium, and within the southern city of Grenoble – but it really is uncertain if they can be linked to the Paris attacks.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Friday night’s attacks in Paris had been prepared “by a group of people located in Belgium” who had “gained from accomplices in France”.

Salah Abdeslam, now subject to a massive manhunt, was born in Brussels.

The arrest warrant for him warns people to not intercede whenever they see him and calls him very dangerous.

He was one of three people in a car stopped by police, but then allowed to continue their journey, near the Belgian border on Saturday.

It’s not clear whether the authorities had identified him as the renter of the VW Polo found in the time he was prevented, at the Bataclan venue.