Parma captain sticks to the club no matter what happens

Parma captain sticks to the club no matter what happens


Parma captain Alessandro Lucarelli has confirmed he will stay with the club come what may after several days of drama at Parma which has seen the club unable to host this weekend’s fixture against Udinese.

”My Heart goes out to them as their are now people inside the club who do the everyday jobs who are now looking for work” Lucarelli said, ”Their is now a huge responsibility for the league and the Italian Football Federation, but I also would like to ask them how they could allow this situation to happen, and also how they can allow the club to change ownership twice in such a short space of time for just €1?

”We need to understand if the interest of the league and the federation is to Parma or to safeguard their championship, my impression is that they do not care about Parma, if we don’t feel protected then we will not play games.”

Lucarelli was also asked when he though things started going wrong at the club, and the problems are not as recent as they seem“About two years ago,” the defender said. “We always had our wages paid on the last possible day, then deadlines became mandatory. That practice became suspicious and then we realised there were liquidity problems, but this was common with many companies in Italy during the recession.”

“I am willing to go down to the Lega Dilettanti [amateur leagues] and remain as captain. Parma [the city] and Parma FC are a part of me.”