Patrick Willis and his shocking decision

Patrick Willis and his shocking decision


Lots of reports about Patrick Willis announced a shocking decision that He wants to step away from football in order to participate in some positive community work.

Willis played as the middle of the San Francisco 49ers defense. However, he is expected to announce his \ retirement, the 49ers expected him around for many more.

At the last season and after suffering an injury to his left big toe Willis was limited to six games and failed to register a sack for the first time.

He was expected to return to his role next season and said in November he had “years” of football in front of him. He felt that he has five or six great years in playing football but the toe told him another thing.

If Willis’ career is going to be over, he’ll finish it with 950 career tackles and 20.5 sacks. In addition of that he made the Pro Bowl seven times and was the first-team All-Pro on five occasions.

When San Francisco 49ers team return to the offseason workout program next month they will look significantly different. The 49ers 11-man defensive depth chart included Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, Ray McDonald, Chris Culliver, Perrish Cox and Ahmad Brooks from a year ago. While those guys are either gone or could be gone before the end of this week. The 49ers defensive depth chart alone is seeing significant change.