People are avoiding sex in public

People are avoiding sex in public


Authorities doled out just 45 summonses having sex in the city’s green spaces this year — a 56 percent fall from the exact same span a year ago when policemen ticketed 103 bold deviants, NYPD records show.

And policeman- blocks dwindled to only four in the initial six months after 21 the year and 30 a year ago before.

Some capers that are carnal do get the focus of authorities. One couple having oral sex in a dark thicket in Central Park was found by her, plus enforcement officer immediately buckled up beneath her flashlight’s glare.

“The guy was very honest and said, ‘We made a stupid mistake’ and ‘We didn’t think we were going to get caught,’” she recalled. She gave them a ticket anyway.

Policemen broke up seven horny hookups in the 34th Precinct, which contains Fort Tryon Park, Inwood Hill Park and northern sections of rugged Highbridge Park in Manhattan .

The unkempt paths only steps from the A train in Fort Tryon Park have for a long time been a homosexual-cruising favorite, parks supporters say.

“People hang out there and wait for people to come by,” said New York City Park Advocates director Geoffrey Croft.