People were like “who is she?” when Shahid Kapoor announced marrying with...

People were like “who is she?” when Shahid Kapoor announced marrying with Mira Rajput


It seemed that not only was she a Bollywood outsider, she had not been even from Shahid’s “societal circuit”, as the Shaandaar celebrity says in a interview to Hindustan Times. “what? who?” Three months with Mira, Shahid speaks after their wedding.

Shahid, whose dating celebrity Kareena Kapoor is included by history at the same time as (perhaps) Priyanka Chopra and Vidya Balan, told Hindustan Times that he is adoring his ‘ordinary’ life. “Shahid used to tell myself, “I’ve been in relationships with stars, but perhaps, it could be fascinating to be with a person who isn’t a star.” And one year later, I got married to a person who’s an ordinary girl (laughs).

I really like how I go back home to an ordinary man, who talks about ordinary things; and who occasionally tells me, “I am not interested in what is occurring in your business. It is great and extremely healthy,” he said.

Mira and Shahid and Radha Soami Satsang both their families go met through the religious group. How? “I’m in an extremely joyful space. It is a fresh start. Everything changes after union. ‘s become a guy. ‘s feel responsible. From now on, I’ll most likely require conclusions that are more reasonable. Myself will not be foolhardy. The feeling of independence has become a sense of responsibility.

hahid and Mira in a intimate service married on July 7, which a reception followed. Shortly after, a reception was hosted by the newlyweds in Mumbai for his or her Bollywood group.