Performer Iggy Azalea Stuns With Wild Performance Of ‘Team’ At The iHeartRadio...

Performer Iggy Azalea Stuns With Wild Performance Of ‘Team’ At The iHeartRadio Awards


Who wants Nick Young? The performance in the iHeartRadio Music Awards on April 3 of Iggy Azalea shown she does not want an unfaithful fiance — just her and her ‘Team.’ And when that team includes a graffiti covered jet plane as well as dancers, it makes for quite the jaw-dropping show!

25, Iggy Azalea, was not going to let the controversy of her fiance, 30, Nick Young, admitting he slept with her iHeartRadio Music Awards are ruined by another girl. Iggy put the scandal to rock out aside, turning upwards it having a life sized private jet! But, she did not arrive in four wheelers like Fetty Wap did.

Instead, first class flew, having a jet covered in graffiti helping the show in style closes! Now, who is likely to get that airplane back? You got to sense of Iggy. Her fiance’s two-timing scandal has overshadowed the introduction of her new single in an important award show. She dropped a high-paced, action filled music video for her new tune.

Unfortunately a video donuts in a sports car while being pursued by the cops is not almost as remarkable as of late as her private life. Yet, even in the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Iggy was wearing her engagement ring with this particular treachery.