Poisonous Sweets case: Death toll raise to 29

Poisonous Sweets case: Death toll raise to 29


A 45-year old guy Bashir died in Jinnah hospital taking the death toll in Layyah noxious sweetmeats case to 29.

Layyah’s local government has received the forensic report of sweets and postmortem information on the victims according to which, the existence of toxin that was same has been affirmed.

The reports while contradicting the claims of health department, local government and police said that the sweets comprised insect killing toxic chlorpheniramine pesticide. Hospital staff has neglected in finding the antidote of the deadly substance that has taken lives of as many as 29 people.

17 affectees are under treatment among which two happen to be reported in critical state at hospital.

An eight-member inspection team made by Chief Minister can also be collecting the evidence and data.