Police investigate alleged $1 million Queensland Police Union fund theft

Police investigate alleged $1 million Queensland Police Union fund theft


Queensland police are investigating the alleged theft of up to $1 million in their union’s funds.

The Queensland Police Union executive uncovered the missing funds during a routine audit.

A civilian finance officer “who is alleged to have made improper transactions on the QPU’s accounts” is now under the spotlight.

Police investigators were brought in, with the matter also reported to the Queensland Industrial Registry and the union’s insurers.


The union has also engaged corporate lawyers to freeze the assets of the alleged offender, and injunctions have been issued.

Members were made aware of the missing funds, believed to be siphoned off over the last six months, through a missive sent out by the union early Wednesday evening.

“Rest assured, while we believe the exact amount involved in improper transactions is in the vicinity of $1 million, we continue to be in a financially secure and stable position and this incident will have no effect on our service delivery capabilities nor will it affect members’ dues,” the memo to members said.

A QPU spokesman said the union had acted swiftly.

“An issue was identified by the Queensland Police Union that related to a civilian staff member working as a finance officer, not a police officer, senior staff member or an elected official,” he said.

“Upon the issue being identified, the Queensland Police Union acted immediately and reported the alleged matters to various authorities including the Queensland Police Service.”

The investigation is on-going.