Police: Jew stabs four Arabs in southern Israel

Police: Jew stabs four Arabs in southern Israel


JERUSALEM: A Jewish suspect injure four Arabs on Friday in southern Israel and stabbed, authorities said, in recent days targeting Israelis following a spate in the very first such attack.

The attack happened in the town of Dimona. At least two of the victims were Arab Israelis while it was still not clear whether the other two were Arab Palestinian or Israeli, police said. The Jewish suspect was arrested.

Police called the strike “nationalistic,” signaling it could happen to be in payback for at least eight stabbings that have targeted Israelis since Saturday, killing at least two of these.

Palestinians have also rioted in annexed east Jerusalem and the West Bank, with all the unrest raising concerns of a broader uprising or perhaps a third intifada.

Several hundred right wing Jewish protesters marched in Jerusalem on Thursday night, including some chanting “Death to Arabs” and “No Arabs, No Attacks”.

Arab Israelis would be the descendants of Palestinians who stayed following the development of the state of Israel and hold Israeli citizenship.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians also work in Israel, especially in building.