(PPP) Vice President Senator Sherry Rehman ‘This is still a fog of...

(PPP) Vice President Senator Sherry Rehman ‘This is still a fog of war’ on Pakistan-Afghanistan relations


Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Vice President Senator Sherry Rehman on Friday challenged the conditions that led to and resulted in Taliban supremo Mullah Mansour’s death.

“My own questions after I saw Mullah Mansour’s passing and the drone, both point we have between our institutional power-making. Who’s taking responsibility?” she questioned.

The PPP senator was speaking at an interactive session, titled ‘Changing Regional Dynamics in South Asia’, here. The session was attended by lawmakers, members of the armed forces.

“We get told continuously that the difficulty is quite the reverse. But it truly is rooted in the exact same genetic footprint of open border and ethnic nervousness. We all know how Pakistan and Afghanistan feel about each other. It’s complexed, it’s layered. It really cannot be defined in one word,” Sherry Rehman said.

Commenting on the quadrilateral meeting, she said, “If Ashraf Ghani does not want to speak with the Taliban what is this quadrilateral about? My solution to that is you have to engage immediately with Kabul. The first thing we have to do in Pakistan is make sure decision making is not circular or fracture.”

“Pakistan can’t afford to have Mullah Mansour sorts not because of fear of drones, but because people like me ask what is he doing here. That is a fog of war. It’s become the fog of peace now, but its still the fog of war.”