PREGNANT Kareena Kapoor Khan & Saif Ali Khan goes all ROYAL for...

PREGNANT Kareena Kapoor Khan & Saif Ali Khan goes all ROYAL for their most recent photo-shoot!


Can we only take a minute and stare at these gorgeous pictures of Kareena Kapoor Khan? No seriously! Only examine her! Looking as ravishing Kareena was spotted wearing a princessly gown at the Mehbood Studios this afternoon and boy, did we simply skip a beat? She was also seen waving at the photogs and making her way into the set, as if her look wasn’t enough. Oh! This type of stunner! She is gone nicely on by the red colour. Actually, the whole mood of the dress and her look is so much like she is directly out of a fairytale. To not forget, Saif Ali Khan that was hubby also was right there shooting along with Bebo wearing his royal velvet-black jacket. While it’s left if that is only a full fledged advertisement advertisement coming up or a photoshoot to see. What are your ideas about our majestic couple, taking over the screen one graphic at a time?

Kareena is literally winning over the web right now with her pregnancy fashion and of course. Whether it was the black-body hugging dress at the Global Citizen event or the latest thigh high slit gown at Rima Jain’s birthday bash last night, the soon-to-be mother is making sure to break stereotypes around girls that are pregnant. In reality, you wouldn’t consider, she was even spotted wearing heels at the celebration last night, which simply explains how Kareena is redefining the style book for preggers..


No wonder Kareena in her interview had affirmed saying, ““If you love your job things happen naturally. I think people give too much thought that an actress has got married and now she has a kid or kids. It’s (marriage and motherhood) is a natural thing but you do continue to do normal things. As we are actors, we are badgered with questions. Even if I was not an actor and may be a chef or anything else I would still go ahead with my life in this phase (referring to pregnancy). I love acting so why should I stop working. There are physical changes that your body goes through. I am being normal, being the way I was earlier. I think being around happy and positive people is important. There are no midnight cravings so far.”