Preity Zinta’s Imagination! Who Is Gene Goodenough? Know It All!

Preity Zinta’s Imagination! Who Is Gene Goodenough? Know It All!


While Preity Zinta is becoming angry with media for her union rumours with LA based Gene Goodenough, a brand new source has disclosed to some leading daily that the union is taking place the end of the month.

India Today has reported the union will occur in the next 10 days. It’ll seemingly be a low key affair in Los Angeles which will likely be attended by Suzzanne Khan, Preity’s close pal.

With the union rumours rife, one must be interested to learn more about Preity’s mystery guy. Here are a couple aspects shown about Gene by Bollywood

He is a top financial consultant who is based out of Los Angeles.

He is a management graduate from Marshall School of Business. He is posted as a Senior Vice President of Finance with an US-based hydroelectric power company called NLine Energy.

Gene met Preity when she visited Unites States Of America a few years ago.

Since the actresses visits the country a lot to be with her family, the duo dated and now have decided to enter wedlock.

It was Gene who helped Preity during her break up period with Ness Wadia. Gene was even a eye-witness to Preity’s alleged molestation by her ex-Ness Wadia.

So here it is, all you should know about the celebrity’s alleged fiance. Preity Zinta and a lot of people had dated before Gene, or atleast she was speculated to be dating a lot of guys. Read the men she was speculated to be dating.