President Obama says he was hustled by Derek Jeter during golf match

President Obama says he was hustled by Derek Jeter during golf match


President Obama was turned by one round of golf with Derek Jeter to the commander-in- .

The future Hall of Famer hustling soon after his retirement in the Yankees picked the pockets of Obama’s golf trousers after they teed off in Vegas at the Shadow Creek Golf Course.

“Derek Jeter stole cash from me,” said a tongue in cheek Obama, talking at a Monday night fundraiser in Sin City. “And it was certainly a setup.”

Greenspun, who hosted the Monday occasion for the Nevada Democratic Party, was in on the scam, as stated by the President.

“I said, ‘Well, can you play golf, Derek?’ He explained, ‘I just began two weeks past.'”

His partner Stephen Cloobeck and the President consented to give 30 strokes after Greenspun offered to take on the pinstriped legend as his teammate to Jeter. Obama immediately found the wallet-emptying truth when Jeter shown the stroke responsible interpreted pretty well links. hits for 3,465

“And then on the very first tee, unexpectedly the ball just went straight and down the center of the fairway,” the President continued to laughter. “And we needed to shoot an image of me giving Derek Jeter cash by the end of it.”

Jeter’s golf teacher lately insisted the ex-shortstop just took the game up.

Jeter returned to the exact same path in March to host the first Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament of his charity.