Priyanka Chopra gets cozy with co-star too hot to handle

Priyanka Chopra gets cozy with co-star too hot to handle


Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra who’s now shooting in Montreal ‘Quantico’ is geared around place her coming intensely alluring scenes on the little screen on fire.

But you’re not prepared for what is coming up in another episode.

The scene reveals Ryan becoming intimate with his fiancee while however he soon begins fantasising her as Alex as well as the performers continue using their scene that is daring.

The performer was never seen in this extreme lovemaking scene although, Priyanka has done several bold characters in Bollywood.

This saw the tongue wagging media is finding Priyanka’s toilet scene too hot to take care of.

Many eyebrows were lifted by Priyanka’s lovemaking scene and contains undoubtedly got folks talking about ‘Quantico’.

The previous Miss World and the role play in ‘Quantico’, and there’s been quite a craze encircling the show.

Meanwhile in India, the celebrity is becoming prepared for the launch Bhansali’s ‘Bajirao Mastani’ the part of Kashibai.

  • longlance

    Chopra’s make-up team really need to de-emphasize her tractor-tire lips for American TV.