Qandeel Baloch’s SHOCKING Death! Brother ARRESTED; finally admits what provoked him to...

Qandeel Baloch’s SHOCKING Death! Brother ARRESTED; finally admits what provoked him to KILL his own sister!


Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch’s murder has left everyone upset. Just how can a brother kill his own sister? And how can people call it honour killing? Such are the only questions. While until yesterday the brother was not traceable after he fled away from the spot. The policemen have finally got hold of him and he reveals everything. Yes!

How much ever you should hate him Qandeel’s brother Waseem confesses to killing his sister saying, “She was bringing disrepute to our family’s honour and I could not tolerate it any further. I killed her around 11.30pm on Friday night when everyone else had gone to bed. My brother is not involved in the murder,”

Waseem’s arrest was declared by the police at a press conference in which Waseem confessed that he had murdered his sister for putting up videos and ‘controversial’ pictures . Never to forget, the murder occurred just three days after details of Qandeel’s three previous unions went public. She had also written to Pakistan’s Interior Ministry seeking protection from her brother’s threatenings, but wasn’t supplied with any.

While the killing was condemned by many, there was also a section which seemed ‘joyful’ because they believed she was a shame for the country. Addititionally there is a growing call for a bill to put an end to honour killings in Pakistan. Sherry Rahman, a Senator and called for the national assembly to pass an anti- Al Jazeera, honour killing bill reported. In a statement, reported by Al Jazeera, she said: “Assuming that Qandeel Baloch’s brother will probably be arrested and punished for murder because of the high profile [nature] of the case, the fact remains that an essentially right-wing government is sitting on vital amendments in the Pakistan Criminal Procedure Code that would disallow justice to be privatised for crimes against women.”