Racy Pictures! She wants nothing but a ‘PLAYBOY SHOOT’

Racy Pictures! She wants nothing but a ‘PLAYBOY SHOOT’


A POLICE officer who became an internet sensation after modeling for a topless selfie with a gun in her patrol car, has consented to participate in “sensual shows” in “gentlemens’ clubs”.

Previously this month pretty brunette Nilda Garcia Montoya leave her job after an internal investigation was started when the sexy snap ended on Facebook.

The Mexican, who worked in Nuevo Leon in the northern city of Escobedo, has revealed she’d accepted a proposal to tour the state showing off her assets.

Nilda made the announcement in a revealing blue dress at a lap dancing club where she accepted if she got the opportunity she would be delighted to model for Playboy.

She is going to appear as an officer an apparent play on her past, under the stage name Polisex.

Nilda, 24, mum to two ladies aged five and three months, also insisted her career move that was radical was supported by her family.