Radio host for groping sued by Tailor Swift

Radio host for groping sued by Tailor Swift


Pop superstar Taylor Swift has demanded a trial in the case of a radio host of groping her, she accuses, saying she hopes to stand up for other women who’ve been assaulted.

But in the answer filed Wednesday in a Denver court, Swift said that Mueller was clearly the perpetrator, and accused him of reaching under her skirt and touching her in an “cozy” place.

“Ms Swift was made to begin a several-hour long concert in front of 13,000 devotees still distressed that she had been so inappropriately touched,” the legal filing said.

The counterclaim said that Swift, afterward 23, felt notably uncomfortable as the radio host was much bigger than her at 6-foot-3 (1.9 meters) and over 200 pounds (90 kilograms).

Swift requested a jury trial seeking punitive damages saying that any money given would be donated to charitable groups that protect girls.

Swift said that she’s held thousands of similar meet and greet events for enthusiasts and radio station personnel throughout her career and “she has been inappropriately groped one time — by Mueller.”

Mueller’s lawyers failed to promptly respond to the counterclaim.

In the initial litigation, Mueller recognized an episode took place but attributed it on among his colleagues, who he said had boasted to him while shooting a picture of catching Swift’s bottom.

Mueller’s litigation said that KYGO FM, a country-music station, fired him two days later after Swift’s camp warned of activity unless the station “managed” the radio host.

Swift, who became a teen star in country music, a year ago released her fifth studio album, 1989, by which she went more completely in a pop course.

1989 has been among the very most successful records in recent years, racking up the quickest first-week sales in America since 2002.