Raees-Sultan Clash! OVER EXCITED SRK: Will Sit, Decide & Come Up with...

Raees-Sultan Clash! OVER EXCITED SRK: Will Sit, Decide & Come Up with a Solution


When there’s one conflict that’s raised some serious issues in the media, then it’s really between Salman Khan starrer Sultan and Shah Rukh Khan starrer Raees.

The pictures are set to release on Eid 2016.Time and again, this issue was brought up using the various performers and both have suggested at something and that’s, to think of a means to prevent it.

Lately, when we met SRK during his promotions of Buff for an interview, the star was probed using exactly the same question. When asked regarding the conflict, SRK answered,  “There are 2-3 Months left till Eid. We will Sit and Decide and come up with some solution on it.”

Interestingly, Shah Rukh had spoken about the Raees Sultan conflict in a interview with PTI at the same time. He explained, “Adi (Aditya Chopra) is my family and so is Farhan Akhtar. With all due respect I will speak to Adi, Salman (about avoiding the clash). I have spoken to Farhan already. If we have to change, one of us will move on. If they (team Sultan) are adamant or fixated that somehow due to some sense of righteousness Eid belongs to Salman Khan so be it. Personally Farhan, Adi and I are friends and I don’t think we have ego issues. We all know if there is an opening number assumed in terms of business we will share it 50-50 or whichever ratio. I am not saying X is a bigger star or Y.”

What would you believe?