Ranbir-Deepika are VACATIONs SPOILER

Ranbir-Deepika are VACATIONs SPOILER


When was the last time you went on a vacation with friends to an exotic location, got lucky having several hot, single and obviously idiotic ladies en route your journey, got into shit, got out of it but finally came back home with all the love of your life whom you happened to meet along the way. And then by the end of it all exclaimed, “What happens in XYZ, remains in XYZ!”

Never! Right? It will not occur ever. You know why?

And there’s definitely no Deepika Padukone waiting for you out there. And most of all, you got your fucking trip organised not Imtiaz Ali and by TripAdvisor.

Every homo sapien who has ever had a buddy circle in his/her ’20s would know that a real vacation plan goes through the following 3 phases:

Phase I: Planning for a weekend trip over Whatsapp every Friday (rather clubbed with a gazetted holiday).

Phase II:¬†Aiming for Manali and settling for Rishikesh because there has to be at least one friend who’s saving for his/her mother’s operation/sister’s marriage/ ex’s birthday.

Period III: Catching the final bus and backing out.

And when we get down to finally boarding the bus/train to our destination and finally survive the three points, we believe ‘Fuck everything! We’re the world’s best wolf pack that could deal with anything and we are likely to possess the time of our lives. ‘

Because haven’t Ranbir and Deepika taught us merely that… Erm except our realities are merely a tiny little different!

Here’s how Ranbir Deepika destroyed vacations for the youth of the state:

1. Expectation: Running into an old crush at the platform.




2. Expectation: A little DDLJ moment while getting in.




3. Expectation: Flirting with hot co-passengers in the adjacent compartment.