Ranbir Kapoor tells Katrina Kaif to MOVE ON! As he is busy...

Ranbir Kapoor tells Katrina Kaif to MOVE ON! As he is busy with Alia Bhatt


Buffs of Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor have been expecting the pair will reunite together. But it is certain that the couple, who divided and gotten back together on several occasions before, have parted ways. The performers decided to call it quits this year and it seems that everything is over now, at least for Ranbir Kapoor, though they’ve been attempting to work out things.

The most recent time they came face to face was at pal that is common Aarti Shetty’s birthday dinner. A source present recounts, “For the first part, they stayed in different corners of the room. At some point, Kat walked up to Ranbir who was standing with few friends and asked him if they could talk privately. Ranbir behaved like a complete brat. He told her he had nothing to say and if she wanted to say something, she could say it in front of everyone present. The actress squirmed but she had no choice but to talk to him in front of everyone because he had been ignoring her texts and her calls.”

The source continues, “She had no option. Even though it was awkward as hell. kat asked her former beau, ‘Can we give this another shot?’ He calmly told her, ‘No. It’s over for me. I have moved on. And I suggest you do the same.’ The incident left Katrina in tears. She walked away feeling humiliated and was later seen sobbing in a corner. Everyone present felt bad for her. It was almost as if in that moment, she lost all hope. She realised that it was finally over. Right up to that day she’d been hoping that she could fix whatever had gone wrong between them. Aarti and the others tried to console Kat, but she looked broken and devastated. My heart goes out to her. She didn’t deserve this humiliation in public. This could have been done with more dignity.”

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