REAL REASON BEHIND! Here’s why Kangana Ranaut will not do a film...

REAL REASON BEHIND! Here’s why Kangana Ranaut will not do a film with Shah Rukh Khan!


Kangana Ranaut is a force to reckon with at the box office. She’s an actress who can pull on crowds to the theatre all without taking any help. She made strong girls-centric films a craze which everyone now needs to be part of. Queen‘s 100 crore collection is a proof in itself that she can make hits overly all by herself. Another 100 cr with Tanu Weds Manu Returns sealed the fact that her box office might is incomparable. No wonder the actress looks for subjects that does justice to this pull she has over her lovers. It’s a duty for her to deliver with every picture why she has conditions in place and guess that’s if she’s to do a Shah Rukh Khan movie.

Kangana spoke about her rumoured movie with Shah Rukh to be directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali if you recall. News portal had been told by her, “Sanjay sir merely spoke about the picture, saying that he needs to make it with Shah Rukh sir and me. But it’s at a stage that is very early. It’s not that I am working with Shah Rukh sir tomorrow or something like that… Yeah, like I said, it’s at a period that is very premature.” This undoubtedly was a good hint at the chance. And then we learned that she got replaced with SRK from Aanand L Rai’s film by Katrina Kaif. Senior journalist, Rajeev Masand wrote in his column about it. An insider revealed that “Kangana is invested in a movie beyond her own obligation. She likes to collaborate on the script, costume and other departments.

Now we hear there’s a reason why Kangana won’t be seen in a film with Shah Rukh Khan. You all know that she is one celebrity who never wanted a Khan to take her career to great heights. She alone was enough and understanding that it’s just apparent that the actress won’t settle for anything non-significant in her films. The performer was considered for Sultan as she’d no curiosity about doing roles of such nature which doesn’t have much meat but she said,. She does n’t repent it because she is one of the heroes and not the heroine. You will find murmurs that Kangana’s character is powerful and really strong than Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor. She merely wouldn’t settle for a character which isn’t at level with the male lead. She made it absolutely clear that for her to do a movie with SRK, her character has to be as vital to the storyline as the star’s or she’sn’t interested.

We absolutely agree with Kangana. For someone like that it isn’t needed to say yes to a project that doesn’t do justice to her gift. Well, it’s our loss that she won’t because had they come together be seen opposite Shah Rukh Khan in a movie, it’d have been one strong movie in terms of talent. But then never say never…

  • ajay kumar

    This actress has a big ego issue

  • JK

    In a film starring Shah Rukh Khan, the main hero is Technology and SRK is a supporting actor, whereas in a film starring Kangana Ranaut, she is the main hero. She is a performer and better artist.