DREAM or REALITY? Deepika Padukone’s Next With Brad Pitt?

DREAM or REALITY? Deepika Padukone’s Next With Brad Pitt?


That is most likely the top news of the day online. We learn that the Queen, Deepika Padukone of the Bollywood will be seen with none besides the Hollywood ace Brad Pitt. Based on Pinkvilla, her next huge Hollywood film has been already signed by Deepika opposite Brad Pitt.

Is not that that is super -exciting? We gotta say that she’s on a roll men! First, the Hollywood job with now and Vin Diesel, with Brad Pitt. Not forgetting to say that she’s also the best victor in any way the recent Awards’ occasions.

You go girl! But if that is true, you then can picture how huge a deal this is. We mean he’s BRAD PITT! However , I need to admit that I’m really nervous. Most importantly I’m proud to be part of a movie where I get showing my ethnicity.

Even Vin Diesel had admitted that he was longing to work with Deepika and had said ,” I have been dying to work with someone from Bollywood and bridge that gap, and I think there is something very multi-cultural about that, and very exciting. I think she (Deepika) is going to be just such a delight. I think the world is going crazy over her character.”