Rebel Wilson has accused the Kardashian camp of embarking

Rebel Wilson has accused the Kardashian camp of embarking


Rebel Wilson has accused of embarking on smear campaign following the negative remarks she made about the family made headlines last week, the Kardashian camp.

The straight-talking Aussie additionally found the family’s rise to fame somewhat distasteful. “I’m all about character and working difficult to get to where I am,” Wilson explained. “How Kim Kardashian got well-known in the sex tape and I simply went to acting school and worked extremely hard…” she mused.

Kardashian fans weren’t pleased with her opinions, and also Oprah Winfrey bound to the Kardashians’ defense, proclaiming them to be an hardworking gang.

“I’d be very very happy to debate the Kardashians anywhere / anytime / any issue,” the comic actress composed. “Or maybe their publicist can only stop the smear campaign against me because I made one prompted remark about them on Australian radio?” she added.

“In any event, I am MORE than over this minor thing and wish the K family nicely X,” a contrite Wilson added. “Even sent anytime flowers.”