Rebel Wilson has revealed that she will appear in the upcoming Absolutely...

Rebel Wilson has revealed that she will appear in the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous movie


Wilson told Australian radio’s Kyle and Jackie O Show, “I’m actually doing a movie for a favour in a couple of weeks. I’m gonna film the Absolutely Fabulous movie in London. It’s just a little cameo as a favour…

“It’s huge in the UK and I did that thing where you go up to someone you really admire and say, ‘If you ever, ever need me for a movie or anything I’ll do it for free’. So now I have to go all the way to London, for no money.”

The film already boasts a powerful cameo cast Lulu and David Gandy and the Chris Colfer of Glee rumoured to make an appearance.

Suitable for his or her cinematic introduction, Edina and Patsy are oozing glamor and glitz, living the high life shopping, drinking and clubbing their way around the trendiest hotspots in London.

Attributed for a major episode at an uber fashionable launching party, Kate get entangled in a media storm and so are relentlessly pursued by the paparazzi. Fleeing penniless to the super rich, the French Riviera’s glamorous resort area, they hatch a blueprint to make their escape long-term and live the high life.

The movie is shooting location in Great Britain and France with its release set for 2016.