RECENT UPDATE! Isolated, rattled after surgical strike, Pakistan bans all Indian channels...

RECENT UPDATE! Isolated, rattled after surgical strike, Pakistan bans all Indian channels nationwide


Amid growing tension with New Delhi and deteriorating relations with other SAARC members, the Pakistan government on Saturday decided to prohibit all Indian channels nationally from October 15.

According to ANI input signals, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has taken up the choice of banning all Indian stations nationwide.

The decision was taken after taking a look at the present situation following which authorities are urged to impose immediate ban on transmission and distribution of prohibited Indian content and illegal Indian DTH.

The choice emerged on Saturday, a day after ban and Pakistan’s theatre owners determined to withdraw screening of Indian movies until bilateral tensions between two nations subside.

“We shall freeze the display of Indian films till normalcy.

On Thursday, the Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association (IMPPA) declared to impose a ban on all Pakistani artistes working in India.

Recently, popular Pakistani actors Fawad Khan had to return back to his state after confronting threat from Maharashtra Navnirman ShivSena (MNS) leader Raj Thackeray.

Indian movies are incredibly popular in Pakistan. Last week, two Bollywood movies, ‘Pink’ and ‘Banjo’, were released in the nation. This week another picture, ‘M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story’, was due to be released, but provider IMGC Global Entertainment withheld it as the business believed the picture could have anti-Pakistani elements in its story, IANS news agency reported.

Super Cinema network, which runs 10 theaters in cities across the Punjab province of Pakistan, also stopped screening Indian films, according to general manager Khorem Gultasab.

“From Friday, no Bollywood film will be screened at Super Cinemas for at least two weeks,” Gultasab said.

“I believe we should show solidarity with our army engaged at really popular borders right now, and secondly with our actors,” he added, noting the move to ban Bollywood generation was made by cinema owners of their own accord, not on government directions.