REFRESHING! Salman Khan Goes Hiking, Takes Pic On Top Of A Cliff!

REFRESHING! Salman Khan Goes Hiking, Takes Pic On Top Of A Cliff!


The daring Salman Khan, went on a hiking excursion, and took a pause from shooting for his forthcoming film, Sultan. Salman, posted a graphic standing in addition to the cliff, holding a stick having a backdrop of a breathless view from the very top of the mountain.

Is Not this picture so avant-garde and simply amazing? Salman Khan standing along with the planet! The performer, daring as a person in his twenties and is healthy, and does things that children discover that it’s difficult to do.

There’s nothing that will stop Salman Khan from old, free and healthy. This keeps body and the performer’s head fresh, so he is able to continue working without any weariness Sultan, for his forthcoming film. Nevertheless, Salman, is relaxing by going on his own expedition of delightful minutes, and taking regular breaks from Sultan.

The image is being, shared by Salman Khan’s supporters extensively on social networking, as they are not overly unhappy to find out their star where he really belongs, ‘right on top’.

We never understand, the daring surprise us once more and Salman Khan, might shortly head out to another area through the forthcoming weekends! Means to go Salman!